Chairman's Message - Year 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Arjun Wallia
Group Founder & Promoter, The Walsons Group & Securitas in India


Dear Friends,

2016 has been a year of intense socio-economic developments both within India and globally. Deep international - regional conflicts have impacted global economies; India has been fortunate to be rather well positioned. Despite beefed up resources; the world today is witnessing unprecedented levels of security threats and unpredictability.

Whilst businesses are responding to these global socio-political and environmental changes, at the same time, accelerated development and embracing of breakthrough technology is constantly reshaping our lives and the way commerce is done. Yes, change is gaining momentum, if there is increased risk, there is also incredible opportunity and with changing times it is imperative for the businesses to relentlessly innovate. Forward looking ideas are therefore the premise of all initiatives and endeavours at Securitas. Our customers and our people will always be the core of our business strategy. Our values lie in the happiness of our employees, appreciation from our customers and an all-inclusive growth. And so, to deliver quality and trust we continue to focus on Ethical Governance, Customer Responsiveness, Operational Excellence and Training. Technology innovation is a key driver for economic performance and we promise to deliver superior on ground operations by operating at the grass-root level through our cluster approach supported by technology enabled tools helping deliver efficient and predictive security.

We are humbled by our past and passionate about our future. Our customers inspire us and we are grateful to them for their support and trust. As we embark into a new year, we become even more committed to our objectives of customer experience, risk management, growth and scale. I look forward to continuing this story of our combined success and with this I wish your families and you a prosperous and safe 2017.

Warm regards,

Arjun Wallia