Project Bindu

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Project BINDU on Joint‐Action with our Client on HIV/AIDS – Awareness

Connecting the DOTS for dignity and Empowerment:

AIDS is a disease which not only impacts the patient physically and emotionally, it also impacts the patient socially because of the stigma attached to the disease. No other disease impacts any human being like the way AIDS does. A largest impact is on women and children, who are innocent victims of the discease and suffer from discrimination, insult, taboo and finally death after a deprived life!

Project Background: Separation from family, spouses and familiar surroundings along with the loneliness in an alien environment creates a sense of anonymity. Further, lack of social responsibility and awareness makes the migrating population at workforce level susceptible towards practicing high risk sexual behaviors, hence making them more vulnerable to HIV.

The Walsons Group & Securitas jointly with their clients support this project to fight against the spread of the HIV/AIDS amongst the migrating population at workforce level by increasing awareness among them.

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