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Manager- Risk

Position: Senior Manager /Manager – Risk

Location : Bangalore


  • Conduct Risk Analysis and Security Surveys for major clients.
  • Analysis of existing and future threat to Clients’ assets and review measures to protect them and mitigate liability.
  • Enhancing the Safety, Asset maintenance through preventive and predictive policies.
  • Devising loss prevention audit and mega safety drills.
  • Designing end to end safety and security solutions across industry verticals.
  • Conceptualising and putting into practice Security Operations Control (SOC) room.
  • Forming SOP for loss prevention operations.
  • Writing functional SOP and audit sheets of security agencies.
  • Carrying out incident Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • Assist clients to formulate/upgrade 
  • High end security system integration, establishing security system requirements and performance specifications.
  • Crisis management procedures.
  • Emergency response procedures & mechanisms.
  • Disaster management. 
  • Bomb incident plan/ Terrorist incident plan /Electronic security measures.

Core Competencies:


  • Required to perform the functions effectively

  • Professional knowledge & interpersonal communication

  • Knowledge & accuracy

  • Knowledge of new industry trends


  • Identifying bottle necks & rectifying



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