Securitas Operations Tracker (SOT)

Securitas India understands that risk is 24/7 and real time information is critical to mitigate this. Leveraging our global experience and in-line with the fast evolving market dynamics, we now moved to our operational version 3.0. We have embedded our operations structure deployed nationally with our high quality customized technology (on tablets) that connects our entire operational mechanism deployed on-ground (our mobile and static resources) to our 24/7 National Command Centre and 24/7 Branch Command Structure with real time monitoring therefore, making everything transparent, accountable and real time.

Security solutions for a safer world

The Securitas Operational Tracker (SOT) greatly enhances our cluster based operational architecture and ensures that we are able to monitor and leverage all our operational resources to deliver our clients, enhanced protection. This raw data collected from our on-ground operations gets converted into tangible meaningful information and going forward we will use analytics to build a predictive risk mitigation protocol mechanism for our clients. By ensuring to invest consistently into our future and leveraging our global networks, we are committing to ensure that we will be your best Risk Mitigation partners for the future.

Key Features

  • Geo fencing alerts for clients
  • Online incident reporting
  • Supervisor site visit reporting
  • Grievance management
  • Dynamic and updated post and site instructions


  • Transparency in operations
  • Real time updates
  • Management reports
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