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integrated security

Integrated Technology Solutions During Covid-19

A safe and sterile workplace to come back is one of the most important aspects of our new eco system. Technology intervention at every step is inevitable and has never been more important than what it is now. Contactless work space is the future and critical for continuity of business & workplace safety.

Securitas understands these evolving needs and offers comprehensive Workplace Technology Solutions (listed below) to arm you in your fight against COVID - 19.

1. IR Thermometer
2. CCTV Based Solution Individual Screening
3. CCTV Based Solution for Group Screening
4. Face Recognition & Wrist Temperature Terminal
5. Temperature Detection FRT With Access
6. Handheld Thermal Imager
7. DFMD with Temperature Detection
8. Automatic Sanitizer Dispensing unit
9. Touch-less Visitor Management System
10. Digital Registers

Comprehensive Security Solutions and Background Verification Services

You may reach us on +91 9717495402 | for Security Services and +91 9978990585 | for Verification Services

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