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Learning and development

Upskilling is key

No matter where you are in your career, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop at Securitas.

Maximize your potential

You are unique and so are your career choices, but if you are part of our team we'll help bring out the very best in you.

We at Securitas understand the importance of trained manpower at customer‘s workplace to manage various site operations and a strict adherence of their policies and procedures. Putting procedure first is one of the core requirements of any business and we understand such requirement to design, customize and implement specific training.

The strong ground team is efficient and experienced in identifying and analysing the training requirements specific to the site setup, which is further implemented based on site operating procedures provided by site security steam.

Training modules

We have bucket of training packs which are relevant to the industry and wherever we have an opportunity to customize the existing or developing a new one to match the site requirements. These are developed based on inputs shared by client.

Learning Hub: E-learning platform for the workforce

Training and developing our workforce consistently are at the core of our strategy, which drives us to implement most effective methodologies to impart learning and evolving operations every day. Hence, we implemented e-learning for all employees at Securitas.

You can access a range of courses using our online learning management system, we provide on the job training, coaching and even mentoring too. You can add to your skills, take on a role in a different part of the business, or even stay where you are, safe in the knowledge that we'll always help you maximize your potential.

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