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Why Securitas?

Securitas helps protect homes, workplaces & communities by providing security services to the clients. We accomplish this by being experienced security professionals, whose role is to make society safer for everyone.

Videoüberwachungssystem im Einsatz

We provide protective services

The security industry is changing and Securitas is leading this transformation in which technology is reshaping the industry. Our security solutions incorporate advanced technology content, answering the needs of a wide range of customers acting in many different industries and customer segments. With specialized guarding as one of our cornerstones, we continuously develop our offering. Securitas operates in most customer segments and has in depth knowledge not just about security but also about our customers’ needs.

  • As a global service leader, we leverage on our global experience and expertize
  • Ability to deliver security concepts for each region & branch in a consistent way
  • Customized security solutions for all major market segments and industry
  • Statutory compliances and ethical governance
  • Flat organizational structure making us agile and highly responsive
  • Professionally trained and verified personnel to deliver security expertise
  • Robust customer service strategy that provides multiple channels for capturing client feedback
  • Forward looking organization backed by strong financials

Total Security

Reach out to us for customized security solutions and peace of mind.
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