We believe in creating a secure banking infrastructure

Security is our core business. We provide banking and financial services industry customers with a range of customized security services that focus on extending a complete security solution to meet their specific needs and manage their security, safety, and communication challenges thereby enhancing their banking operations.

Risk management helps integrate security and safety concepts

  • Banks, are among the first to deploy and install security solutions, and are among the users with the highest expectations
  • Security continues to play an important role for internal risk management
  • We provide incident detection of vandalism and fraud at cash points.
  • Help integrate security and safety concepts into the bank processes.

Security solutions to BFSI sector:


Specialized guarding services:

  • Helps safeguard bank operations against internal and external threats
  • Enhanced protection of bank employees, customers, assets
  • Secure banking operations through armed and unarmed guards
  • Professionally trained and verified security personnel to serve and create a secure banking environment
  • We conduct an operational analysis to give our customers an optimal security solution 


ATM safekeeping and vaults safety services

  • ATM safekeeping
  • Vaults safety services

These service are both sensitive and highly vulnerable, requiring constant alert and vigilant protection round the clock.


Background Verification

  • Employee background checks
  • Know your customer verification
  • Vendor verification

For decades, Securitas has worked closely with financial institutions as a trusted partner, delivering security and value added solutions that help optimize banking operations.

Leader in Protective Services


Our goal is to enhance security by accelerating the design, development, and deployment of specifically trained workforce ensuring prevention and protection against security threats. Each individual is most competent to deliver his job and we carefully match their abilities to customer needs.