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Securing e-commerce

The worldwide spread of internet accessibility via desktops and smartphones is driving an expansion of e-commerce that is continuously evolving the retailing landscape. It is also changing the way India trades and shops.

Security threats in E-commerce

The exponential growth rate of e commerce has far surpassed mainstream security measures. Losses are valued in millions each year, due to incidents that often are perpetrated by employees.

  • Merchandise theft
  • Property damage
  • Employee tampering
  • Organized crime

Securitas has decades of successful experience addressing security threats in such environment. We offer the most reliable, comprehensive and professional logistics support available.


Reliable, comprehensive and professional security solutions for supply chain requirements and value added services.

  • Specialised security personnel at the site securing staff, premises, materials and assets.
  • Surveys, assessments and security audits that identify threats to your facility and its supply chain
  • Help assess, monitor and report and further develop security procedures
  • Investigate and identify theft, fraud, unethical business conduct and substance abuse
  • Perimeter protection and facility security during workplace disruptions
  • Employee background checks to reduce vulnerability and avert losses due to wrong hires
  • We coordinate, consolidate and ensure smooth implementation of logistic and security procedures

Trained, responsive security professionals

  • Our security officers, supervisors and managers are well trained, with a clear understanding of the security requirements
  • Post orders, officer duties and operating policies and procedures are aligned with security management plan and internal policies
  • Through our collaborative and proactive approach, we review command and control procedures, loss prevention control and access control
  • We are committed to our employees and provide on-going professional development to enhance their capabilities

Total Security. Nothing More, Nothing Less

Reach out to us for customized security solutions.

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