Risk management for embassies and diplomatic missions

The threat against missions remains great, even if identified as being in a low-threat environment. Dedicated to providing a secure living and working environment, the most critical elements of the mission abroad are personnel, facility and information protection from physical and technical attack.

Risk environment, the security challenges of diplomatic missions may include:

  • Protection of people
  • Protection of compounds and assets
  • Cultural challenges
  • Logistics
  • Political and economic enviornment
  • Violence and emergency situations

Security solutions for embassies and diplomatic missions

Specialized tailored service

The customized security solution effectively support and maintain physical protection for staff, guests, visitors and facility’s assets around-the-clock.

  • Protection of personnel and facilities against terrorist and criminal activities through protective tactics
  • Service initiatives such as security consulting, risk assessment help prevent, detect, deter security incidents
  • The security officers are screened, hired and trained to your specifications.
  • Through training and knowledge, our team extends security expertise and professionalism 
Leader in Protective Services


Our goal is to enhance security by accelerating the design, development, and deployment of specifically trained workforce ensuring prevention and protection against security threats. Each individual is most competent to deliver his job and we carefully match their abilities to customer needs.