Security expertise to address threats in manufacturing

Manufacturing thrives on the efficiency and security of its distribution centers and supply chain management. We help you address identified security issues, through customized solution, that support the evolving supply chain requirements.

Decades of successful experience - addressing security threats in manufacturing environments

Manufacturers sustain losses valued in billions each year – incidents that often are perpetrated by employees or involve internal collusion.

  • Merchandise theft
  • Property damage
  • Employee tampering
  • Organized crime

Security solutions for manufacturing and logistics


Customized security solutions designed to expose security breaches, reduce theft and sustain profitability

  • Surveys, assessments and security audits that identify threats to facility and supply chain
  • Comprehensive operational analysis related to cargo environment and existing facility security
  • Comprehensive risk assessment, physical security assessment and understanding client expectations
  • Assess, monitor and report security situation
  • Security procedures
  • Investigate incidents and identify - theft, fraud, unethical business conduct, substance abuse
  • Security - including staff, premises, materials and assets
  • Perimeter protection and facility security to avert workplace disruptions


Trained, responsive security professionals

  • Security officers, supervisors and managers are well trained, with clear understanding of security requirements
  • Post orders, officer duties, standard operating procedures and policies are aligned with security management plan/ policy framework
Leader in Protective Services


Our goal is to enhance security by accelerating the design, development, and deployment of specifically trained workforce ensuring prevention and protection against security threats. Each individual is most competent to deliver his job and we carefully match their abilities to customer needs.