Security solution for residential buildings

Security of residential areas is a pre-requisite for a safe and peaceful life in cities. Securitas plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of people and their property. We are engaged in offering a wide array of residential complex security services to our clients.

Security expertise and experience

Our findings are analysed to provide specific, realistic recommendations for adapting security solutions that will help reduce the risk for residences.

  • Trained guards to ensure perimeter security
  • Inspect and identify entry and exit of individuals
  • Secure car parking
  • Periodic surveillance during day and night
  • Special security/vigilance for senior citizens, single women and differently abled

The security assessment is conducted to evaluate the security requirement of an individual house and building to help home owners, renters and developers cover potential areas of vulnerability.

Offering customized security solution

We offer customized security solution.

  • Each site is unique and the elements will affect the correct security solution
  • We assist to develop a comprehensive security protection for residents, staff, visitors and facility’s assets
  • Security consulting and risk assessment
  • Development of site security plans
  • Our guards trained on security and customer service
  • 24/7 operations centres provide quick response support
  • Additional security resources for emergencies or fire watch
  • Emergency management and business continuity support


Our security personnel are competent to observe and respond to threats and emergencies through our safety services like fire-fighting, first aid, quick response teams. 

Leader in Protective Services


Our goal is to enhance security by accelerating the design, development, and deployment of specifically trained workforce ensuring prevention and protection against security threats. Each individual is most competent to deliver his job and we carefully match their abilities to customer needs.