Transport security

At Securitas we have developed processes, which ensure safety of employees and also minimize operational irregularities in transport management. 

Security concerns in transport management

  • Operational irregularities increase security concerns, such as:
  • Mileage mismanagement
  • Misuse of cabs
  • Breaking of traffic laws by drivers
  • Car breakdown & accidents
  • Other incidents like carjacking, tailing or harassment, beyond direct control

To counter these activities, Securitas India has developed processes to minimize malpractices as well as ensure safety of employees. Our trained and vigilant security personnel are skilled in providing:

  • Door to door escort services for all female employees 
  • Allocation of vehicles for different routes for employees and guiding them to board the designated vehicle
  • Inspection of the operating condition of the vehicles and availability of relevant documents
  • Cost efficiency through MIS on distances covered

The escort and transport security personnel are trained to anticipate vulnerabilities and react in emergency situations; keeping safety of the employees always in focus.

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