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CCTV access & intruder alarm System

Are your premises prepared to keep burglars at bay? Having a well-maintained Intruder alarm & CCTV systems installed at your property gives out a clear message to potential thieves that they’d be wise not to bother targeting your business.

Discerning detection

Did you know, our camera solutions are more than just a surveillance tool? Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and intelligent video analytics, we can fine-tune your CCTV system to proactively identify potential security risks and help you better understand your customers.

Maximum protection with alarm monitoring, response and CCTV systems

For the most brazen burglars, a sounding alarm alone may not be enough to stop them fully in their tracks. That’s where our host of remote security services can further increase your protection. Whether you want to increase security, monitor valuable assets or simply help your customers feel safer, our range of electronic solutions allow you to keep an eye on activity happening in and around your business premises.

  • Our alarm monitoring service is an essential enhancement for all intruder alarms. It ensures that the instant your alarm is triggered, our Securitas Operations Centre (SOC) will be notified and take immediate action, 24 hours a day. This includes contacting you, your chosen keyholders and if necessary, the emergency services.
  • Why not add our alarm response service and we’ll even respond to the alarm activation on your behalf - attending your site to investigate the alarm while removing the unnecessary risk and hassle from you and your keyholders?
  • Remote Video Solutions, fully managed by Securitas from the SOC, can help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. By linking surveillance cameras to your intruder alarm system, our operators will be on hand to deliver proactive features such as alarm verification (remotely monitoring cameras as alarms are received), audio warnings (to warn intruders off) and much more.

Total Security

Reach out to us for customized security solutions and peace of mind.
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