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Security trends and technologies to watch out in 2021

Let us delve into these trends.

  • 5G connectivity

    The introduction of 5G networks will have a huge impact on the operations of security industry. It would not only lead to quicker data transfer, but the speed, even when working remotely, will also improve. As a result, detection and response to security risks will be faster, particularly for remote areas.

  • Remote security solutions

    New technologies combined with traditional manned guarding techniques will bring the benefits of virtual guarding. Remote guarding combines tools like motion alarms and security cameras with random site patrols to provide high level of security.

  • The rise of visual verification

    Visual verification will enhance contactless or reduced-contact security. This technology helps in reducing false alarms and is also a great way to reduce operational costs, enhance efficiency and boost security officers’ morale.

  • Advanced video analytics software

    Video analytics software is evolving to help make surveillance operations more efficient. They can be used to detect motion, read license plates, count people and more. In the case of physical security and video monitoring, video analytics software is primarily used to detect crime.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Advanced AI techniques like machine learning using predictive analytics will make statistical decision making more accurate. These techniques could be further used in intelligent video analytics and other proactive monitoring solutions enhancing the overall efficacy of security programs.

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