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Automation & digitization solutions

By increasing the level of automation and digitization within Securitas, we are bringing greater efficiency and added value to all of our stakeholders. Digitization enables our officers to work more efficiently and dynamically and allows our clients to gain access to advanced analytics that can help with effective security planning.

Key Offerings:

  • Vision

    Greater visibility and efficiency, complete control over site operations.

  • Front and back office process automation

    Visitor management and material movement, asset management and tracking.

  • Video analytics & artificial intelligence

    Controls tail gating, intrusion, loitering, fire and smoke video detection.

  • Body worn camera

    Reliable and compact tool to systematically record field observations and encounters.

  • Drones

    Transform security industry by investing in protective services geared towards a high-tech future.

  • GPS tracking

    Tracking vehicles in real-time, monitoring people and objects.

Total Security

Reach out to us for customized security solutions and peace of mind.

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